Tanto si eres recién llegado, como si estás aquí de siempre, deberías leer este apartado, para conocer como moverte por el foro. Cuales son las normas básicas de comportamiento para con el resto de usuarios y el foro en general.

Whether you are newcomer, or if you are here forever, you should read this section, to know how to move around the forum. What are the basic rules of behavior for other users and the forum in general.
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F1LEGENDRACES, is a forum for sharing files related to the world of the engine. It is not a forum for Film, Music, Software, Plugins and anything that is not related to the engine.

Needless to say, it is strictly prohibited to post content for adults.

No spam is allowed in the forum, being understood as spam the following options:

- Show a URL in the download link (It is not considered spam, if that URL is hosted in a .txt file hosted in the archive).
- Show a URL in the password published in the forum.
- In case of being a compressed file, it will not be possible to use a URL like pass to decompress
- Explicit mention to the name of another forum, web or blog of downloads, although the url of the same one is not specified. All such conversations should be kept private.
- No user should refer to a personal page or web, whether or not downloads, with the intention of publicizing it in the forum.
- Mention or direct promotion of your own YouTube channel, facebook group or profile, etc.

Any user who wants to share their files, will have to include the link between the [hidden] [/ hidden] tags that are accessed with the lock in the quick response section of the tools panel.

Example [hidden] download link [/ hidden]

- No insults of any kind are going to be allowed.
- No comment will be allowed making apology of facts considered criminal (terrorism, pederasty, gender violence, sexual assaults ...). Likewise, to thank those comments or try to diminish with them the seriousness of these crimes will also be considered an apology for them
- It is prohibited to write using offensive language discriminating against others by race, religion, nationality, thoughts, sex, etc. Likewise, profanity is forbidden.
- Must be posted in the correct section and under their own rules
- In F1LEGENDRACES copying / pasting of external web links is not allowed. The content must be resubmitted by who shares it, from a server of its own. The same thing happens with the contents of the forum. In case you want to share them, it should be done in the same way.
- It is not allowed to detract from a topic. This opens another thread. The offtopic is moderated.
- The sending of pornography of any kind (images, videos, text, links, passwords, etc) will have as immediate ban the ban.
- All contribution links must go inside the [hidden] [/ hidden] tag, which makes links hidden to unregistered users. It is necessary to avoid adding additional information inside the labels so that the link is not unreadable. It is recommended to put the links independently (if they are several) and not all within the same label.
- It is forbidden to write everything in capital letters and in exaggeratedly large letters.
- It is not allowed to quote the initial thread post to respond. The so-called "megacities" overload the forum uselessly and make it difficult to read the thread clearly. The unnecessary appointments will be eliminated without notice, and the recidivism in this practice as useless as not elegant can be sanctioned.
- Do not try to skip the censor of prohibited words, it will be banned immediately.
- It is not allowed to post post that they represent an economic benefit for the poster. Everything that is done in F1LEGENDRACES, is done without any lucrative interest and is done in a completely disinterested way. Any breach of this rule will be sanctioned. Likewise, contributions that require an economic expense for the user will not be allowed.
- There will be no economic transactions, buy-sells or exchanges or businesses of any kind: there are already specific pages and applications for this.
- The forum is not a chat, therefore users are asked for a language that is easy to understand, without abbreviations

The uploader is free to offer as many download options as you want, on any server form and size. Both by direct download and by torrent link, whenever they are tagged with the option [hidden] [/ hidden]

- An upload advertised on a server should be fully available on that server.
If this is not the case, and in case of mixing servers, the mixture should be clearly announced.

- The use of servers that involve the obligatory installation of any type of specific software of the server for the discharge, is prohibited.
- It is not prohibited to ask a specific server to the uploader, always with education. But yes derogatory comments and of course insults are prohibited if a contribution does not include servers of your liking. The uploader does not ask for anything to lower your contribution, and therefore you can ask but not demand.
- Online viewing links are not allowed.
- Registration with temporary email addresses is not allowed.
- Entering an existing clone or registering with a new user while a temporary or permanent sanction is being met, entails a definitive ban.
- No nicks that are offensive, nasty, that encourage violence or that can be considered Spam.
- Upload the images to your own account on a page specialized in hosting images. Images that are not hosted on an accommodation page will be removed.

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