Seasons Completed

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Re: Seasons Completed

Mensajepor 05C4R » 14 Oct 2016 06:32

I agree with GV27, maybe there are more people who visit the posts of the current season but I think there are many interested in the old races.
Personally I am interested in races from sixties to nineties and I am grateful to trilord for each single race that he upload.

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Re: Seasons Completed

Mensajepor 05C4R » 07 Mar 2017 20:48

trilord escribió:Just added 15 Sky F1 Classic races. I will see what other show on the F1 channel and record them if i can.

Great image quality, unafortunately they are only highlights and not the full races.
I hope that in a near future Liberty Media will bring changes and broadcast the classic races.

Anyway thanks trilord for your continuous efforts. ;)

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Re: Seasons Completed

Mensajepor F1Admin » 08 Mar 2017 10:32

I don't know this year but last year SkyF1 added a lot of advertising to the classic races which it was pretty annoying being a subscription channel...

trilord escribió:I'm sure they have the full races that can be shown. A lot of the 80s & 90s were BBC, so hopefully they kept the originals and make them available.
The classic races are mostly highlights from 80s & 90s, the 2000s are the full races and i might get them but all depends if any of them get shown again. I hope the SkyF1 channel get more footage of the older races.
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Re: Seasons Completed

Mensajepor 14Oakdale » 12 Mar 2017 20:58

All races of the 2015 GP2 Season have now been uploaded in the GP2 forum.

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Re: Seasons Completed

Mensajepor Liamjones94 » 08 Abr 2017 14:08

2013 & 2014 season now complete with all qualifying sessions


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