Round 04 - San Marino GP 2006

I think it will be thought of as a memorable season. Obviously at the end of it the championship went down to the wire, with one of the greatest drivers' of all time, Michael Schumacher and also possibly one of the guys, who could become on the of the greatest of all time, two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso, battling it out for the title. So, yeah, there will be a lot of memories attached to the season overall.
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Re: Round 04 - San Marino GP 2006

Mensajepor carter18 » 05 Jun 2017 15:04

Im really grateful for all the archives you have uploaded for us so far. Muchas gracias grande.

Keep rocking!

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Re: Round 04 - San Marino GP 2006

Mensajepor ISRA_JAJA » 21 Abr 2018 13:31

Where is the race? There's no file here. Thanks.

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Re: Round 04 - San Marino GP 2006

Mensajepor jambo » 23 Abr 2018 12:06

The original uploader for most of the older seasons no longer has the files on MEGA.

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Re: Round 04 - San Marino GP 2006

Mensajepor trilord » 23 Abr 2018 12:39

I was original up-loader. 90% of my files were either deleted/reported from MEGA. I therefore removed all the posts that had the deleted files.
I would have tidied up the forum so these posts would not appear, but since admin has changed hands and not bothered answering my messages, they will probably stay as they are.

I will not be re-uploading them.

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