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Individual drivers threads

Publicado: 11 Jun 2017 16:41
por Luka77
Hey guys, I was thinking about creating individual threads for every single driver on the grid for the 2017 season, where we could only discuss the individual practices, qualyfings and race performances of the select driver. Of course there should be race threads, but would you guys ( and for that matter, the admin of course) be interested in that idea? It would be like that:

Lewis Hamilton - 2017 performances

Sebastian Vettel - 2017 performances

Max Verstappen - 2017 performances

Perhaps even a '' Legends thread '' where we could talk about the great past champions and talents..

Thoughts ?

Re: Individual drivers threads

Publicado: 12 Jun 2017 21:26
por Mookle
I think it could be a good idea.
It might help in getting some more people to post stuff instead of just downloading. Create some community spirit :)
Then again it could descend into a mud slinging match :lol: