Round 16 - Portuguese GP 1984

The 1984 Formula One season was the 35th season of FIA Formula One motor racing.
A novelty was the limit of 220 litres of fuel in the tank. But the teams used frozen fuel (!). By doing this they could use almost 15 litres more in the tank..., although in many races some drivers had reduced turbo pressure to save fuel trying to finish the race.
The prominence of the season was new McLaren, with a big supremacy. Designed by John Barnard, powered by Porsche Turbo, Michelin tyres and two great drivers: Lauda and Prost. Piquet and his Brabham-BMW were the quickest car, but they could finish only 5 races in points. Excellent performances for Italians De Angelis (Renault-Turbo) and Alboreto (Ferrari-Turbo).
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Re: Round 16 - Portuguese GP 1984

Mensajepor GV27 » 13 Oct 2016 14:22

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of some of the races this season. Well done compiling them, trilord!! :D

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